Whether you invite others on an adventure cycle, hike, kayak or a photographic expedition get out there and enjoy your life by getting some exercise. This is probably one of the most important aspect of your lifestyle.

When you are back in the city get to a Gym or walk around the block in the morning to get your circulation going.

Health also involves looking after your diet and eating healthy meals.

Our facebook pages will keep you up to date with issues, technology and advise on how to life a healthy ECO lifestyle.

Looking after your health = Your heath is incredibly important especially in the current environment we have to face with work pressures and a total disaster when it comes to the food supply chain especially by the food giants out there supplying seed and pesticides  such as Monsanto! We try and advise on how to live a good healthy lifestyle with activities we recommend with food choices that should keep you healthy and strong.

If you are not a member of Discovery in South Africa I advise you join them and sign on for their vitality program, which will reward you with points for discounts on flights etc. while advising you on your health.

Check Facebook for Events or activities you can get involved in or create one and invite your friends to join you. We also have a range of pending adventures trips under development for you to participate in. Surfing and Kiteboarding trips to be arranged shortly - email us for more information.

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