ECO Lifestyle management
Your lifestyle will determine how well you manage from day to day. There are 6 areas you have to focus on to ensure your life does not go off the rails. These are the issues you have to spend time on making sure each month you allocate time to each issue  :

Financial Wealth
Social and Love Activities
Family Issues

We will encourage you to take an adventure, either one we have planned or you can plan your own then we  suggest to you, wherever this adventure takes you, how to address these issues that ensure you live a balanced lifestyle. If you do not manage your lifestyle your wheel will wobble! If you look after the spokes in this wheel of life you will never need medical assistance when not coping with your day to day activities.Spiritual.htmlIntellectual.htmlFinancial.htmlHealth.htmlSocial.htmlFamily.htmlshapeimage_7_link_0shapeimage_7_link_1shapeimage_7_link_2shapeimage_7_link_3shapeimage_7_link_4shapeimage_7_link_5

We are mobile making use of a 4x4 camping trailer and Wrangler Jeep and have no fixed base as yet though it is pointing to the St Lucia, Zululand region.

More bases to follow...... interested? email : marketing@africanrhythm,biz

Region we focus on :

Elephant Coast

email  :

For those of you wanting to get to us when we are in Ponta please take note of the regulations and requirements. You will need a 4x4 vehicle to get to us as the roads are sand jeep tracks and on very hot days can be tricky. For more information please check the website.

Remember to check our EVENT tabs out on our facebook pages for various Guided tours, festivals, music, photography and videography course tours..... etc.

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William (Bill) Maliepaard - Your Host

Bsc. Forestry majoring in Nature Conservation

Stellenbosch University,

South Africa

PADI DM : 651974

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