As soon as people leave school they think this is the end of studying when it is probably the beginning of studying what you are truly passionate about. You have to stimulate your mind whether it is furthering your studies or learning something new you are interested in. This might include learning to paraglide then possibly taking this further into getting your glider pilots license (GPL). The more you delve into understanding different sciences the more you understand life and what it is about and will therefore live a fuller life of excitement and wonder recognizing issues around you. For instance what is the use of learning to scuba dive if you cannot identify any of the species around you. Do a course whenever you are in Ponta do Ouro to learn about life on land or in the ocean to really make your visit a stimulating one. Here are some of the courses offered by various organisations within the Elephant Coast region.

PADI Courses :

Fish ID speciality courses:

Underwater Naturalist

Shark Speciality

Coral Reef Conservation

Dolphin Encounters - Educational swim programs & Seasonal whale viewing - Contact Angie on : +258 84 330 3859 or email :

Sharklife - contact Grant who has

created a course where you can

specialise in 5 sharks and become a Master Shark Diver.

Planned future courses: Self sustainable courses - farming, electricity, water etc

These are a couple of the planned volunteer programs that are available in the region :

Dolphin Encounters Volunteering - 30 day program

Shark Research Volunteering -

Turtle Research Volunteering -

Reef Check program - Join and volunteer your assistance in the research done on our ree
fs off the east  coast of Africa. You have to complete a course offered by SAUERS in Johannesburg before being able to this - contact

Oceans Specie Identification project Volunteering

Life on Land Specie Identification project Volunteering

Please contact us on if you are interested at this stage.

Here are some additional ideas you might want to attempt :

Kruger National Park MTB - Go on
  mountain bike tour in the Kruger Park from Olifants and learn more about the eco system in this wild outing combining your physical and mental requirements in one outing. There are also hiking trips below the Olifants camp as well to quietly walk through the bush and encounter up close some of the parks awesome fauna and flora.

dams Calendar - join Michael Tellinger on a hike looking into our origins at a site in Kaapse Hoop, South Africa, which could be 75,000 years old and by far the oldest civilization in the world. Contact Michael on Michael Tellinger <>

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Check our resource centre out for research and ECO organisations you should join to keep up to date with technology, news, activism, science etc.Resources.html
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