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The Elephant Coast has some of the most amazing Surfing and Kiteboarding spots that are quiet most of the year giving you stress free space to maximise your stay wherever we are. From hidden gems such as Mabibi/Thonga Beach to Ponta do Ouro then to the Inhaca and Portuguese Islands in Mozambique. Because we have been living in this region for so many years we know where the spots are and the time of year you need to join us to explore these remote untouched spots. Check the coastline here...

To add to the fun we associate our trips with Music festivals where possible and Music workshops or tutoring while you join us in the evenings or on the days we have no action. Check the Calendar for planned events once the Lockdown is over and the borders open once more...


Ponta Based Events procedure :

These are ongoing events that can be arranged through the year and include the following :

Fitness and comfort with conditions evaluation of your level of expertise to deal with any issues that might occur in regions where we do not have access to beach to rescue.

Once evaluations have been complete a window period will be announced to check conditions for specific downwinder everyone in this group is certified for transport to launch site.

A specific time will be determined to meet depending on conditions and tide where transport will be waiting to take you to our three options.

  1. 1.Ponta Malongane is a simple 5km journey and the easiest to do and might also be part of an evaluation for first time downwinders to prove their competence. Depending on conditions two trips might be possible in a single day. Costs only include Transport to Malongane and if you have your own transport a admin fee will apply. 1/2hr to 1hr Leisurely

  2. 2.Ponta Mamoli is a bit more complicated as we launch from a private accommodation site with no access allowed on the main beach of the White Pearl at this stage. Transport will then take us there and be on standby to fetch anyone with equipment failure along the way at the various resorts or at Ponta Malongane on  the way back.. Expect this to take 2 hrs leisurely.

  3. 3.Techobanine Trips will be discussed before hand either being a overnight stay to a week ending with a downwinder to Ponta do Ouro with backup along the way. Check packages out below....

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