Item no         Description                                                     


VolAqua1    Volunteer Oceanography - 1Month                                          

VolAqua2    Volunteer Oceanography - 2Month                                          

VolAqua3    Volunteer Data Capture - 3Month                                             

VolTerr1       Volunteer Terrestrial Research - 1Month                                 

VolTerr2       Volunteer Terrestrial Research - 2Month                                 

VolTerr3       Volunteer Terrestrial Research - 3Month                                 

  1. *Costs include the following : Tutoring on data logging of species captured, Photography course, Accommodation,  Electricity, Internet Wifi, Transport to research sites

  2. *Costs Excludes Food and Beverages, Cell Phone expenses

  3. *Costs include all materials required to do field research including cameras, Data logging devices etc.

Category - ECO Volunteer - Volunteering options basic admin costs*

The volunteering programs vary from one research body to the other. See your various option below with requirements, costs and job descriptions :  African Rhythm will be in the near future looking for students, graduates and post graduates to assist with the data capture of all the species in the region from land to the ocean. GIS co-ordinates need to be taken and avery specie photographed on site before identification.

There are no fees for your contribution except you will have to pay for your own accommodation, food and drinks. In certain regions we can offer free accommodation depending on the services you offer.

The research project in Ponta do Ouro is pending approval by the local authorities and approval of some form of sponsorship/grant to assist with the purchase of equipment such as microscopes, water analysis machines etc. If the approval does not go ahead there is a good chance we will start the project in the St Lucia.

If you are interested in this project please contact us on for us to make contact with you and to keep you up to date with progress. Check the calendar for planned Project status and regions available for research projects.

Project Management plan - As Management move through the region from St Lucia to Santa Maria Mozambique Volunteers will be briefed and trained to do data capture in the region they are allocated to. Planned briefing will take place over three days covering all aspects of identification, photography and data capture methods including photography requirements such as details required to be captured and size of pics to be data captured, backups and maintenance of equipment loaned to you.

The Project Start date is in the air based on the current Covid-19 lockdown we are in but hopefully it is lifted by July. The current Calendar dates point to us being in Ponta do Ouro in August for some Kiteboarding and Music events but this is all dependent on the borders on being open as well. For now please register your interest giving us the following information and most of it is a requirement for you to be part of the research team. (Pending)

Email :

First Name :                          Last Name :                                  Cell no :                        Whatsapp no? Y/N

Home address :

Region interested in participating?

Education : (Min. Requirement Biology/Zoology/Oceanography University 2nd year)

University Degree Project ?

Post Graduate Project Interest ?

How long are you available for? Weeks Months....

Own Transport (Fuel will be supplied if you need to use your own).

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Your Host for these Projects : William Maliepaard.

Your Host  :

William (Bill) Maliepaard -

Bsc. Forestry majoring in Nature Conservation

Stellenbosch University,

South Africa

PADI DM : 651974

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