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There are numerous places that are being managed properly and one of them is Doha, Qatar who should get an award for good governance! Individuals do not pay tax in this country and all the funds earned from oil and gas are ploughed into infrastructure for you to appreciate. The resources of a country belong to the people and the profits earned from the sale of these resources whether it be seafood, gold, diamonds, oil should be dispersed amongst the citizens of the country by building their infrastructure and their should be enough if managed for everyone to benefit form this trade. The problem is created by the politicians and management who syphon off all of these funds into their greedy paws somewhere along the supply chain.

Unfortunately many of the colonial countries are so sucked into this capitalistic system it is going to be very difficult to break away from and I personally believe it will be the downfall of the countries that are caught up in it. This includes countries like the USA after many of the European countries more recently like Greece who were deceived by financial fraudsters and are now having to pay for it. The USA is about to and is following Japan in their footsteps down the financial foofy slide to obsolescence.

The environment is suffering as we push it’s limits way past what it is able to produce as a consumer society demanding off the shelf experiences, which have to come to an end. This is not sustainable and I am glad to see their are alternate options being touted, which I would advise you start looking into to look after your own interests.

There are so many warning signs nature is giving, which countries should take heed of and one of them happened recently will volcanic activity in Iceland. Countries need to make sure they can feed their own people if they are cut off from the rest of the worked, which could happen on a much larger scale if a volcano blew on a much larger scale or solar radiation wiped out all of our communications. Everyone should start growing your own food, which you can quite easily do in 1 sq meter to ensure you have something to fall back on when disaster strikes and it will if we carry on the way we are.

Check CASSE out to see what they have started up in the USA and get involved within your communities to ensure you have a sustainable economy.

Sustainable Financial security - Assets are what the economists want you to pile up whether it is a house, cars, TV’s, financials assets etc. The more you accumulate the more you become a slave to their demands! In saying this it is however extremely difficult to break away from getting sucked into the system!  However when you do manage to drop off the radar you will never go back! With the current world financial crisis, caused by your funds being mismanaged by corrupt politicians and officials, my advise would be to get rid of assets because the more tangled you are in their web of deceit the more you are going to have to support the financial mess they have created.
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