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Elephant Coast Biodiversity App.

The project involves developing a drill down app to identify all biodiversity of this region on land and in the Sea. The App will initially have to be on-line but at some stage regions could be down loaded for offline identification as many of the reserves in this region do not have cell phone reception.

To succeed in this mammoth task we would need volunteers ideally students in their vacation offering them free accommodation and transport within the region for research to identify and photograph species they encounter. An IT core full time sponsored team will be involved in developing the app and data capture.

Volunteers will be identified from their studies to assist with a biome they are familiar with including those studying Oceanography for reserves along the coastline.

Hot spots have been identified that are popular for tourists that would take an interest in purchasing the app as follows :

  1. 1.St Lucia Estuary

  2. 2.Cape Vidal Reserve

  3. 3.Western Lakes

  4. 4.Imfolozi Reserve

  5. 5.Hluhluwe Reserve

  6. 6.uMkhuze Reserve

  7. 7.Mabibi/Thonga Reserve

  8. 8.Black Rock Region

  9. 9.Kosi Bay Reserve

  10. 10.Ponta do Ouro Mozambique

  11. 11.Techobanine/Elephant Reserve region

  12. 12. Santa Maria Region

  13. 13. Tembe Reserve ZA

  14. 14.Ndumo Reserve

  15. 15.Phongola Reserve

  16. 16.Rhino Reserve

  17. 17.Thanda Reserve

As this is a large area to be researched the project with probably take 5 years to complete all the sites above. The objective though is to be able to give your location, which should reduce the amount of species available in your search immediately then choose species based on type such as Mammal, Fish, Insect etc. etc. a proper drill down system using your taxonomic identification procedures, which will be tricky designing backend relational database design.

Kiteboarding/Surfing Events

Mozambique is one of the most stunning region sin the world to Kiteboard and Surf so we are arranging guided trips to Ponta do Ouro then to various venues up the coast  using 4x4 transport and rubber ducks to get you around this remote region.

Initially the trip starts in Ponta do Ouro to make sure everyone is fit and their gear is all 100% functional before we head north to regions there are no shops to purchase parts or have them, shipped to. Obviously we will keep certain items available as a backup if something simple does occur... The trips will have a 2 week window period and when looking good we head North to either do downwinders or to stay for a few days such as at Santa Maria and Techobanine. Here are the following packages we will be offering :

  1. 1.Downwinders from Malongane to Ponta do Ouro - 1 day

  2. 2.Downwinders from Mamoli to Ponta do Ouro - 1 day

  3. 3.Downwinders from Techobanine to Ponta do Ouro - 2 days

  4. 4.Stay and Downwind Techobanine to Ponta - 7 days

  5. 5.Santa Maria / Portuguese Island Kiting/Surfing - 7 days

Prices and dates pending depending on lockdown issues...

All prices will include transport and backup support for any   unplanned issues such equipment failing.. Beverages and food are for your own account including accommodation in the various regions where not included in the package deal.

Music Festivals

Ponta region has a few really good music festivals, which we tag additional events alongside such as surfing, kiteboarding, Scuba diving, Music Workshops etc.

The popular festivals are Mozamboogy (Trance weekend party) and STRAB Rock festival week.

Mozamboogy is planned for early August when our NE winds start blowing for some epic Kiteboarding sessions.  This event is held in Ponta Malongane from Wednesday to Sunday eve... Plenty opportunities to do downwinders from Malongane to Ponta do Ouro with our arranged transport. Live music will also be arranged in Ponta do Ouro at various venue starting the weekend before the main event including the following week.

STRAB Rock festival week our Spring Festival period with plenty action especially if you are into Kitesurfing with trips arranged to Inhaca, Portuguese Island and Santa Maria combined with the STRAB festival to really get over the lockdown blues!

Live Music

Live Music can be arranged at your venue by Musicians that are in the region from time to time either for festivals or are local. Please contact us for your Genre and dates for a quotation.


ECO Products

Eco Wallchem Concrete is a functional, economical and cementitious coating system. Supplied in powder form and mixed with water to produce a liquid paint. The product allows water damp molecules to evaporate from the substrate or damp saturated walls without allowing any water to penetrate the substrate from the exterior environment. It is available in a range of colours and presents a smooth finish. Select HERE for more details

Power off grid  Products

We have a variety of off grid products to assist you with lighting to fully off grid solutions to power your accommodation including water pumps. Our entry range products allow you to at least run some 12v lights then to also allow you to run your multimedia electronics such as TV and DSTV decoder for 4 hours during load shedding... Once you have committed to fully being off the grid we have solutions for you including Soar and Wind generators. Select HERE for more details
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Keep in mind the following products may be available on line in the future but most of the Lifestyle options are available when we are in a certain region only.