We are currently on a mission to capture all the species on land and in the ocean as part of a large GIS distribution project. We intend providing this information to SANBI, publishing it to their website, which allows one to specify GPS co-ordinates and categories being a biodiversity web site. This will include capturing information on land and in the Ocean so ideally one has a Scuba diving qualification to join us.   You are also welcome to join our volunteer program to assist us in your university or school holidays and of course post graduates would also be welcome to contact us.

The Mozambique government is planning a huge deep water port in the Techobanine region, which will include a large industrial site placing all the work conservationist have put in place to preserve this unique bio-diverse ecosystem. Please join us is in pleading with them to reconsider this development of one of the few regions in the world where you can swim with dolphin and whale sharks , view whales breaching regularly and dive pristine bio-diverse coral reefs then head to the Elephant Reserve and view some of the amazing coastal elephant, hippo and crocodiles in this region.

The Aquaterra Movement focuses on saving biodiversity around the world and especially on the Elephant Coast, Zululand, South Africa. This is a pristine region with an extremely biodiverse Fauna, Flora and Oceanic species count. There is no other place like it in the world where within 100km you can see so much wild life, swim with dolphins and whales and scuba dive with sharks and spend hours on pristine reef systems. It is priceless and in the future will attract scientist from around the world and therefore must be protected against development, mining, farming etc. etc.
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