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Spiritual - Get involved in activities for no return by volunteering or joining causes making your voice heard on issues that you are passionate about. Our Facebook pages focus on  ECO pages that are extremely important to bio-diversity and the sustainability of our planet. This also includes doing things for yourself like studying music or something that only you benefit from and not expecting anything in return from anyone. This also includes understanding your origins and joining the debate and volunteering and signing petitions on issues that need to be addressed. We have three Facebook pages addressing these issues so please be sure to LIKE all of them for some awesome spiritual advice.

Get involved with some of the Causes and Activism sites around the world to add your voice to the growing number of people fighting against unsustainable development and gross human rights issues. Also sponsor some of the Aid agencies trying to make a difference in Africa.

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Join us for photographic and Videography courses on a regular basis by liking out multimedia pages where events will be scheduled.

Music is one of the most stimulating spiritual activities you can get involved with whether you play an instrument professionally or for yourself it gives you the most relaxed feeling you will experience from any other activity. Quote often when playing music you go into a trance and is very ,much like meditation, which can grip you for a long period after even playing an instrument. Joining others is also an incredible experience as you somehow connect when playing the same rhythms especially when you participate in a drumming circle.

Activism - Aqua Terra Movement - Join petition site to voice you opinion on issues that affect your health, lifestyle and biodiversity. Assist with community activities giving your time and energy towards something not expecting anything in return but to see the joy it brings others in the receiving end.

Join the Aqua Terra Movement membership to assist us with petitions and environmental issues that affect all of us by selecting HERE